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InstantCert's course for the GED is an online course that uses a completely interactive approach--it consists entirely of fill-in-the-blank and multiple-choice flashcards with detailed explanations that fill in the gaps in your knowledge and make sure you know everything that you need to pass the GED exam. It starts by thoroughly reviewing the fundamentals of math, science, social studies, and grammar, and then uses long passages about science and social studies to increase your knowledge in those subjects while developing your reading comprehension skills.

This course is not recommended for students who have had no exposure to high school-level math or reading. It is designed to be a fast-paced refresher course.

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Foundational Knowledge


- Arithmetic
- Fractions and decimals
- Measurement and geometry
- Statistics
- Probability
- Basic algebra


- Life science
- Earth and space science
- Physical science

Social Studies

- American history
- Civics and government
- Economics
- Geography

Reading Comprehension

Passages from famous literature
Passages on social studies topics
Passages on science topics

Grammar Fundamentals

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(Abridged excerpt from Cannery Row by John Steinbeck)

A man dark and large stalked near and he had a shotgun over his arm and a pointer walked shyly and delicately at his heel.
"What the hell are you doing here?" he asked.
"Nothing," said Mack.
"The land's posted. No fishing, hunting, fires, camping. Now you just pack up and put that fire out and get off this land."
Mack stood up humbly, "I didn’t know, Captain," he said. "Honest we never seen the sign, Captain."
"There's signs all over. You couldn't have missed them."
"Look, Captain, we made a mistake and we're sorry," said Mack.
"I don't allow fires on my place," he said.
"Well, we're sorry," Mack said. "We'll get right out, Captain. You see, we're workin' for some scientists. We're trying to get some frogs. They're workin' on cancer and we're helpin' out getting some frogs."
Suddenly Mack seemed to see the pointer for the first time. "By God that's a fine-lookin bitch," he said enthusiastically. "She a Virginia dog, Captain?"
The captain hesitated and then he lied. "Yes," he said shortly. "She's lame. Tick got her right on the shoulder."
Mack was instantly solicitous. "Mind if I look, Captain? Come, girl. Come on, girl." The pointer looked up at her master and then sidled up to Mack. "Pile up some twigs so I can see," he said to Hazel.
Mack pressed some pus out of the evil-looking crater on the dog's shoulder.
"You got any Epsom salts up at your place?"
"Yes – there's a big bottle."
"Well, you make a hot poultice of Epsom salts and put it on there. Tell you what, I'll do Captain. I'll look after her myself. Epsom salts'll do the trick."
The captain stroked the dog's head. "You know, I've got a pond up by the house that's so full of frogs I can't sleep nights. I'd be glad to get rid of them."
"That's mighty nice of you," said Mack. He turned to the others. "You put out this fire," he said. "Make sure there ain't a spark left and cleanup around. Mack and the captain walked away together.
Hazel kicked sand in the fire. "I bet Mack could of been President of the U.S. if he wanted," he said.

What were Mack and his friends looking for?

a) dogs
b) frogs
c) fish
d) deer

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