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How to Take CLEP* Tests for FREE (or, What is Modern States?)

CLEP exams are an amazing way to earn college credit fast, and now, you can take them for free! An organization called Modern States is offering CLEP Vouchers to pay the CLEP exam fee (currently $93) and, in many cases, they will even reimburse you for your proctoring fee.

What is Modern States?

Modern States Education Alliance is a philanthropic organization based out of New York that is "dedicated to making a high quality college education free of cost and accessible to any person who seeks one." Since 2017, they have been funding a college education for thousands of students across the United States, including many InstantCert students, through their free online courses and CLEP vouchers.

How does it work?

Modern States awards CLEP Vouchers contingent upon your completion of their online courses. The process would be as follows:

1> Create an account on their website at modernstates.org.
2> Enroll in the course that corresponds to the CLEP exam you are interested in (for example, American Government).
3> Complete the course, watching the videos and answering the homework questions.
4> Request a CLEP Voucher through the Modern States website.
5> Use the voucher code when registering for the CLEP on the CollegeBoard website.

Is Modern States legitimate?

Yes, Modern States is the real deal. Hundreds of InstantCert students have used Modern States successfully, with many of them sharing their experiences on our discussion forum.

How long do the vouchers last?

According to the Modern States website, current vouchers are valid until June 30, 2024. This date is often updated, so check their site for the latest information.

Are Modern States' courses enough to pass the CLEP?

Passing a CLEP exam depends on a variety of factors including the difficulty level of the particular CLEP you are interested in, your existing background knowledge in the subject, your test-taking skills, and the exam prep materials you are using. Feedback on Modern States' courses has been mixed, with some courses getting better reviews than others.

We would recommend first trying out a Modern States course to see how comfortable it gets you with the subject matter. If it does not appeal to your learning style or you would like an additional resource to maximize your chances of passing your CLEP exam, then InstantCert's study guides and practice tests are a popular choice.

What is InstantCert's relationship with Modern States?

InstantCert is NOT affiliated with Modern States. We provide this page as a resource to students since we have received questions about them and Modern States' mission to expand access to higher education coincides with our own.

Want more information?

Visit the Modern States website to get the latest information on their CLEP voucher program and to get started.

Steven Gloer
InstantCert Co-Founder

Steven is one of the co-founders of InstantCert and is constantly looking for new ways to leverage technology to make learning more efficient and productive. Reach out to him with your ideas, stories, and questions by sending an email to webmaster@instantcert.com.

* CLEP is a registered trademark of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.

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