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"Just thought I would drop you a line to let you know I passed the Intro to Sociology CLEP* exam, and it is due to your great service. I have never taken any previous sociology classes, and to be honest I felt uneasy relying solely on your site to get me through it. Not only did I pass it I kicked its @#$. I hope the other 27 credits go this easily."
-- John Crambes, Tullahoma, TN

"Previously, I had studied…using textbooks and study guides (if they were available), and they were time-consuming and boring. What I liked about your approach was that I could make kind of a game out of it, randomizing the questions and keeping score..."
-- Malcolm Brown, Boston, MA

Here are the Courses We Currently Offer
(Over 120 credits and growing!)

Exam Subject Name
Exam Type
Number of Questions
Number of Credits
Level of Credit
Abnormal PsychologyECE4003Upper
American GovernmentCLEP*2953Lower
Civil War & ReconstructionDSST3183Upper
College MathematicsCLEP*5036Lower
Criminal JusticeDSST2503Lower
Drug & Alcohol AbuseDSST2613Upper
English CompositionCLEP2186Lower
Environment and Humanity Race to Save the PlanetDSST3263Lower
Ethics in AmericaDSST4213Lower
Foundations of EducationDSST3093Lower
Foundations of GerontologyECE4003Upper
Fundamentals of CounselingDSST2613Lower
General AnthropologyDSST2563Lower
Here's to Your HealthDSST3623Lower
A History of the Vietnam WarDSST2983Lower
Human Growth and DevelopmentCLEP*3363Lower
Human Resource ManagementDSST3003Lower
Information Systems and Computer ApplicationsCLEP*2933Lower
Intro to BusinessDSST2663Lower
Intro to Modern Middle EastDSST2873Lower
Intro to World ReligionsDSST2493Lower
Introduction to ComputingDSST2703Lower
Introduction to Educational PsychologyCLEP*3713Lower
Introduction to Law EnforcementDSST2883Lower
Introductory Business LawCLEP*4513Lower
Introductory PsychologyCLEP*3453Lower
Introductory SociologyCLEP*1653Lower
Labor RelationsECE4003Upper
Management Information SystemsDSST3283Upper
Money and BankingDSST2733Upper
Nursing Concepts 1ECE3473Lower
Operations ManagementTECEP2973Lower
Organizational BehaviorDSST3503Lower
Personal FinanceDSST2913Lower
Principles of AccountingCLEP*4196Lower
Principles of FinanceDSST3153Upper
Principles of MacroEconomicsCLEP*3283Lower
Principles of ManagementCLEP*3193Lower
Principles of MarketingCLEP*3153Lower
Principles of MicroEconomicsCLEP*2293Lower
Principles of StatisticsDSST2383Lower
Principles of SupervisionDSST2813Lower
Psychology of Adulthood and AgingECE3993Upper
Research Methods in PsychologyECE4013Upper
Rise and Fall of the Soviet UnionDSST3133Upper
Social PsychologyECE4003Upper
Substance AbuseDSST3363Upper
U.S. History I: Early Colonizations to 1877CLEP*3553Lower
U.S. History II: 1865 to the PresentCLEP*5203Lower
Western Civilization I: Ancient Near East to 1648CLEP*4453Lower
Western Civilization II: 1648 to the PresentCLEP*3733Lower
Western Europe since 1945DSST2913Lower
World PopulationECE4003Upper

And we are constantly adding more... Currently, we are adding new courses at a rate of 2 to 3 a month!

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