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InstantCert's flashcards use an interactive, fill-in-the-blank format to teach you everything you need to know in order to pass your CLEP or Dantes exam. Just study the database of flashcards for the exam you're going to take until you're comfortable with the material, and then go in and take the exam with confidence!

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How are the Flashcards Developed?

InstantCert Academy obtains the official textbooks for each course as recommended by the College Board. We then follow the College Board's official published content outline which breaks down the courses by topics and the percentage of each topic as it is covered on the exam. Finally, our subject matter experts carefully develop Flashcard questions in proportion to how much of the test is dedicated to each topic within the course. Our research and development make the Interactive Flashcards a comprehensive study guide covering the most important material on each subject's CLEP exam.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Flashcards

Are these flashcards very similar or identical to the questions on the test?
No. We do not hand you a copy of the exam. The flashcards teach you the fundamentals of the subject–the same things you would learn if you were to take a standard college class in the subject. Knowing the information in the flashcards will enable you to determine the correct answers on the actual exam on your own.

If you're not teaching the test questions, how can you be sure that I'll pass?
For you to understand why our approach works, you have to understand how the Collegeboard develops and validates the CLEP exams. The Collegeboard develops each exam so that it reflects the content covered in a standard undergraduate course in the subject. They then validate the exam by administering it to normal college students who have just completed a college course in the subject. These are not students who have had any CLEP-specific training or instruction. The exam is then weighted so that an average C-level student can pass the test.

In other words, if a C-level student in an average college can pass the CLEP exam, you also can pass it just by studying the fundamentals of the subject, which is what InstantCert's flashcards teach you.

The actual exam is multiple-choice. Why are your flashcards fill-in-the-blank?
Fill-in-the-blank has proven to be a very effective way to teach large amounts of information. Our goal is to teach you the fundamentals of the subject–not to simulate the actual exam. The problem with multiple choice is that you often end up memorizing the position of the answer or learning to recognize it based on a couple of words. With fill-in-the-blank, you actually learn the information. Just think–if you know the information well enough that you can recall it from memory for a fill-in-the-blank question, you're definitely not going to have any problems when it comes to recognizing the answer on a multiple-choice test.

What makes your flashcards superior to the other CLEP prep options out there?
Beyond the flashcards, InstantCert offers many important features that make an InstantCert subscription an excellent investment. However, if we focus just on directly comparing our flashcards to the other options out there, here are some reasons to consider InstantCert's flashcards:
  1. You Learn the Material - Many test prep providers promise to teach you just what's going to be on the test. You memorize a couple hundred multiple-choice questions or you study a few pages filled with a seemingly random set of disparate, unconnected facts. You may pass the test, but in the end, you won't really know anything about the subject.

    With InstantCert, on the other hand, you actually learn the fundamentals of the subject–the exact same information you'd learn if you had spent a semester sitting in a brick-and-mortar class at your local college.

  2. You Know That What You Are Studying is Relevant to YOUR Test - As we mentioned before, many test prep providers claim to teach you only the questions that are going to be on the test. The problem with this approach is that, generally, their materials are based on only one or two versions of the test. What happens when the test gets revised or you take a version of the test that they haven't seen? Considering that failing a test means waiting 6 months to retake it (along with the lost testing expenses), this is a risk you may or may not be willing to take.

    With InstantCert, you're not studying test questions–you're essentially studying the textbooks that the tests are based on. This means that no matter what version of the test you take, what you study in our flashcards is going to be relevant to the questions on your exam.

  3. You Can Prepare for your Tests Quickly - InstantCert's flashcards may be thorough, but that doesn't mean that they take longer than other study resources. The average study time for a test is only around two weeks, and this will vary depending on the difficulty of the exam you're taking, your previous knowledge of the subject, your study habits, etc. Some members have reported passing exams with as little as two or three days' study.

  4. You Know Exactly When You're Ready to Take the Exam - The problem with many other forms of test prep is that it's difficult to know when you're ready. You may have read through the study guide several times and tried your best to memorize all of the information, but there's no obvious indicator that you are ready to take the test.

    With InstantCert, you'll know exactly when you're ready; the flashcard software will let you know when you've achieved mastery of the material.

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