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InstantCert Academy
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"You are the reason I am starting college in the fall! I put off the GED for years for fear of failure, but after I used your prep course I became confident in my abilities. And passing boosted it even more--I wasn’t even scared to apply to school!" –Ray Henderson, Buffalo, NY

"I am so ahead of the game, it’s not funny. I am a home school graduate. You helped me pass my GED and pass five CLEP tests--that’s a whole semester of college--and I didn’t even start yet. Now that my dad knows about CLEP, he’s even getting my 15 year old brother started on earning credit!" –Robert Jameson, Tuscaloosa, AL

Studying for your GED just got easier thanks to the extraordinary accelerated learning program at InstantCert Academy that's perfect for

Working Parents
Older Students
Fast Learners
Slow Learners
Returning Students

"Your course taught me how to learn again. And I’m proud to say, I passed with a 3010." –Sarah Miles, Cedartown, GA

"I’ve always been a good test-taker, so I was excited to find out that I can “test out” of college classes." –Kent Jones, Saint Petersburg, FL

"I didn’t think someone out of school for four years would be able to pass it, but your program reminded me of all those grammar rules and math tricks that I needed to know to pass. This GED grad is going to college! –John Reese, Greenfield, MA

How can an "accelerated" learning program be good for fast and slow learners? Easy! Since InstantCert Academy is a 100% online GED Study Center, you can have

Learning the Way You Like It --
Tailored to Fit YOU

Learn at your own pace
"Attend" class when the time is right for you
Pursue your education without quitting your job
Get prepared more quickly than in a traditional classroom setting
Spend less on gas and commuting
Save money on babysitting costs

"I love your format! I passed the GED in five weeks while working a full-time job! -Ryan Law, Riverside, CA

"What I liked best about your program was that I could go at my own pace. If I wanted to spend more time on math, I could because I was not in a class with other people". –Susan Powers, Geneva, NY

And there are no monster tuition fees at InstantCert Academy. As our student, you'll pay just one ultra-low, unlimited access, monthly subscription price to

Earn your GED in a matter of weeks...
not months or years.

How It Works
Our goal is to prepare you for the GED as quickly and efficiently as possible, so instead of trying to teach you four years of high school, we've developed a unique two-phase approach.

Phase One - Foundational Knowledge
There's no way to succeed on the GED without learning some basics. We'll teach you exactly what you need to know so you can take the exam with confidence...and pass! (And we won't waste your time with what you don't need!)

Phase Two - Reading & Grammar Skills
The Reading, Science, and Social Studies sections of the GED all test your ability to read a passage and answer questions about what you read. They require very little knowledge on the subject itself. That 's why we focus your learning on reading comprehension skills rather than the individual topics of the test. This phase finishes up with some lessons on grammar.

You'll be proficient and ready to

"The grammar lessons alone were worth the cost of the membership. Keep up the good work!" –John Underwood, Fort Madison, Iowa

”I just got my GED results in the mail! I am sooooooo happy! A 2890! On my own, I’d never have scored that high." –Terry Jensen, San Antonio, TX

"Not only did I score really high on the test, I also finally got accepted to my first choice school!" –Leslie Tompkins, Cary, NC

InstantCert Academy is The Real Deal
Many sites sell fake diplomas and fake degrees. This isn't one of them. InstantCert Academy is not a make-believe "institution of higher learning" out to take your money and give you phony credentials that are illegal to use in most countries around the world.

InstantCert Academy is the Internet's premiere address for exam preparation study and we're proud to say:

At InstantCert Academy --
You'll Get GED Preparation You Can Bank On!

More Education Means More Money, It's As Simple As That
According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, high school graduates, on average, EARN OVER $7,000 MORE PER YEAR than individuals without a diploma.

That means that in the course of your professional career, the GED you earn with the help of InstantCert Academy represents

(assuming you're 25 and retire at 65)

How It Works
Think of InstantCert as your high-speed, completely portable, interactive learning center.

Instead of being forced to drive for hours to sit for hours in a lecture hall and instead of being required to plow through hundreds of boring pages that "pay back" your big investment of time with a small amount of learning...

InstantCert Academy puts you in charge of the classroom

Entirely web-based and "stripped down" to the bare essentials, our GED preparation materials allow you to study early in the morning, late at night, or while the kids are at school. And if you have a wireless connection,

You can make every moment count --
study anywhere you wish, day or night.

Our tests and learning tools are student-friendly, but they're lean and mean. We've developed an approach to test prep that allows you to study more effectively...which means less time, less effort, and MORE REWARDS that come from having your high school diploma.

And speaking of's something we think you'll be very excited about

Super-Bonus for All Students!

When you enroll at InstantCert Academy to turn your GED dreams into reality, we've got an offer that's another dream come true, especially if you want to go even further, faster in college.

All new students will receive


We truly believe in learning, and we truly believe in our students, too. That's why we like to reward them, and you, for striving towards knowledge.

The best way we know how is to offer you help in achieving an even higher level of education...and all the positive things that a college degree can mean --

A better income
A more comfortable lifestyle
More discretionary dollars
A more secure future
More prestige

You see, the GED prep course is the newest addition to the curriculum at InstantCert. But it's CLEP (College Level Examination Program) Prep that's our original specialty...and now you've got an incredible opportunity to "cash in" on what we do best.

When you sign up for our GED study program, you'll receive

4 years' worth of college equivalency exam study materials

Freshman, Junior, Sophmore, Senior Level Courses
Exam Subject Name
Exam Type
Number of Questions
Number of Credits
Level of Credit
American GovernmentCLEP*2953Lower
Civil War & ReconstructionDSST3183Upper
College MathematicsCLEP*5036Lower
Criminal JusticeDSST2503Lower
Drug & Alcohol AbuseDSST2613Upper
Environment and Humanity Race to Save the PlanetDSST3263Lower
Ethics in AmericaDSST2853Lower
Foundations of EducationDSST3093Lower
Fundamentals of CounselingDSST2613Lower
General AnthropologyDSST2563Lower
Here's to Your HealthDSST2923Lower
Human Growth and DevelopmentCLEP*3363Lower
Human Resource ManagementDSST3003Lower
Information Systems and Computer ApplicationsCLEP*2933Lower
Intro to BusinessDSST2663Lower
Intro to Modern Middle EastDSST2873Lower
Intro to World ReligionsDSST2493Lower
Introduction to Educational PsychologyCLEP*3713Lower
Introduction to Law EnforcementDSST2883Lower
Introductory Business LawCLEP*4513Lower
Introductory PsychologyCLEP*3453Lower
Introductory SociologyCLEP*1653Lower
Management Information SystemsDSST2913Upper
Money and BankingDSST2733Upper
Organizational BehaviorDSST3503Lower
Principles of AccountingCLEP*4196Lower
Principles of FinanceDSST3153Upper
Principles of MacroEconomicsCLEP*3283Lower
Principles of ManagementCLEP*3193Lower
Principles of MarketingCLEP*3153Lower
Principles of MicroEconomicsCLEP*2293Lower
Principles of StatisticsDSST2383Lower
Principles of SupervisionDSST2813Lower
U.S. History I: Early Colonizations to 1877CLEP*3553Lower
U.S. History II: 1865 to the PresentCLEP*5203Lower
Western Civilization I: Ancient Near East to 1648CLEP*4453Lower
Western Civilization II: 1648 to the PresentCLEP*3733Lower

And we are constantly adding more... Currently, we are adding new courses at a rate of 2 to 3 a month!

We hope that with it, you'll do what thousands of InstantCert students have been able to

Test out of years worth of college
at over 2900 U.S. colleges

Do the Math
You don't have to be a math whiz to figure out these numbers. For not one penny more than you're paying for your monthly GED Course membership fee, you'll be able to "bone up" on 40 college-level subjects in all.

You'll be able to pass tests equivalent to over 120 credit hours. That's 120 hours of classtime you can skip. It's 120 hours worth of tuition payments you can skip, too!

Why Wait? CLEP Credits Can Be Transferred Later!

Did you know that you can take CLEP tests even if you haven't gotten a high school diploma or a GED yet? It's true! And there's a benefit, too.

Take as many tests as you want, whenever you're ready. Then, some day in the future when you enroll in a college, you can present your CLEP transcript and transfer all of the credits in.

You're More Than a Number
to InstantCert Academy

Professional Expertise with a Personal Touch
At InstantCert, we believe that personal attention and professional education go hand in hand.

When you select InstantCert Academy as your study resource, you can be sure that you'll receive the highest level of professional education available online. Our outstanding learning aids have been painstakingly designed to give you the edge you need to cut through exams like a knife going through butter!

"With your program and a little help from my mom, I scored a 2550 on the test! –Stephanie Madison, Seattle, WA

But we don’t stop there. Like many "academies," InstantCert is a community, too.

In our special Members Area, you'll find a monthly Letter from the Webmaster. Written in a warm, casual, easy-to-read tone, this important communiqué will alert you to the latest developments onsite and provide signposts to valuable new features for your use.

Are You Still Hesitating?

Risk-Removing Iron-Clad 100% Money Back Guarantee
InstantCert Academy is one of the Internet's most trusted sources for GED and CLEP preparation. But we understand that you may be skeptical. We understand that you may be downright suspicious.

We understand that you may question whether InstantCert Academy really can give you all the tools you need to advance your education quickly and easily.

We understand because we know that there are a lot of scams out there, and a lot of people have paid too much to get very little. Maybe you're one of those people yourself.

But you don't have to worry this time.

"Let me tell you that I was skeptical of an on-line study course, but I needed my GED to get hired anywhere. I thought the course was a very good value and I wouldn’t have passed without it. I really took my time and I still passed in two months! –Keith Hughes, Brooklyn, NY

You see, we created InstantCert Academy because of those con artists and fly-by-night operations. We thought people deserved a fair, honest, and affordable way to get the education that time, money, and circumstance may have prevented them from getting in the past.

So if you have any doubts, remember there's

No Minimum Enrollment Obligation - You May Cancel Anytime
No kidding.

We Want You To Be A Satisfied Student
We want you to be more than just happy with the services provided by InstantCert Academy. We want you to be thrilled, delighted, overwhelmed, and surprised to have your expectations surpassed.

We want you to be all those things because we believe that a happy student is a committed student -- committed to learning and committed to his/her "alma mater" -- InstantCert Academy.

If you're not happy...if for any reason you feel that InstantCert doesn't provide the superior approach to GED and CLEP exam preparation that we say it does, all you have to do is contact us within the first 30 days of your membership, and we'll close your account with no questions -- and no hidden financial penalties.

Your Education and Your Future Are Calling --
Aren't You Going To Answer

With a money-back guarantee like this, there's no reason not to enroll now, especially not with everything you'll get "instantly" when you become a student at InstantCert Academy.

The Bottom Line
By now, you probably want to know what this incredible opportunity to fast learning is going to cost you. After all, if it has the potential to put more than $250,000 in your pocket during your lifetime, it must cost a bundle, right?


For just $20 per month...about what you'll pay for a single textbook or a pair of tickets to a Hollywood can increase your earning power exponentially with

Unlimited access to our GED preparation materials
Unlimited access to our CLEP prep materials
Unlimited access to support, guidance and help

Unlimited access to YOUR POTENTIAL for success!!!


Now 2 great ways to purchase membership!

Platinum membership
  • One time charge for 6 months unlimited access
  • Complete GED materials and 4 years worth of college material
  • No additional charge for newly added materials
  • Perfect for a gift
  • Additional 10% off our already reduced monthly price
  • 30-day Risk-Free Guarantee
  • Only $108!

Standard monthly membership
  • Monthly subscription
  • No obligation, cancel at anytime
  • Complete GED materials and 4 years worth of college material
  • No additional charge for newly added materials
  • Our most popular membership option
  • 30-day Risk-Free Guarantee
  • Only $20 per month

Get Your InstantCert Academy Membership At a Special Introductory
Rate And Use It 100% Risk-Free for 30 Days!

As a special, limited-time offer, your first month's introductory membership is just $20 - a 66% saving off our normal monthly membership fee of fifty-nine dollars and ninety-five cents. And if you keep your monthly Membership, following months will also be billed at $20 a month (which you can cancel at any time).

Test It Yourself for 30 Days -- Then Decide!

You needn't take our word for it. The only sure way to prove the InstantCert Academy program will work for you is to put it to the test of actual use . . . in your own personal situation. Use it at our expense for 30 days -- then decide! If the InstantCert Academy program doesn't equal or exceed your expectations, then simply cancel your Membership at anytime for any reason during the first 30 days - just tell us you want to cancel and you'll promptly receive a full refund.

Grab our Zero-Risk Offer! According to our records, 97% of our students have quickly earned college credit by easily passing the CLEP* exams they took. The reason is simple - our unique program works! And our 100% Risk Free Guarantee is that you'll pass CLEP* Exams within your first 30 days -- or your money back, no questions asked!

Now is the best time to find out why our InstantCert Academy Membership has won such overwhelming acceptance.

* CLEP is a registered trademark of the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.
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