Instantcert Privacy Policy

1) Type of information Collected

At we use what is known as a third party credit card processor. This means that a separate company, known as Epoch, is in charge of keeping your credit card information secure. The reason we use Epoch is because they are in the business of keeping credit and other sensitive information secure. You can view their privacy policy here(Epoch Privacy Policy).

The only information that we keep on our servers are:

-Your Username
-Your Password

2) How We Keep Your Information Secure

Just because we use Epoch to keep your most sensitive information safe does not mean we skimp on the security of our own servers. You will notice that once you are on the order screen that you have switched to our secure server. You can see this as the URL is now https instead of http and there is a locked lock in the bottom right hand corner. This protection known as SSL and keeps the information safe while it is transmitted from your browser to us.

3) Cookies & Analytical Data

In order to help us improve our site and find out how our marketing is working we make use of Google Analytics. This data is tracked anonymously so although we may know that 100 people came to our site from California we would not know who the individual users were. In using Google Analytics we need to use cookies in order to track people on the site. This information is anonymous and not used to identify users directly If you would like to read more about Google’s privacy policy please follow this link. Google Privacy Policy Instantcert also uses google remarketing cookie in order to serve ads to you once you leave the sites. This is our attempt to bring you back to our page in case you have forgotten about our service. You can read more about Google’s privacy policy please follow this link. Google Privacy Policy.

4) How We Use Your Information

The information we collect is used so that you can access in order to use our services. We do have access to the information Epoch keeps secure for us but will only use your email to send you confirmation of your subscription or cancellation. We will never sell/rent any of the information we collect to any third party vendors. Also upon your request we will remove any data that we have collected on you from our servers.

5) How To contact Us

InstantCert Academy

3434 Kildaire Farm Rd,
Suite 137 Cary, NC 27518

Toll Free: 866-705-0266


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