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The Biology CLEP exam is designed to test the student on the material covered in a typical one-year undergraduate college Biology course. This is a very in-depth exam and InstantCert provides a comprehensive set of flashcards with illustrations, diagrams, and detailed explanations to give you the solid understanding necessary to achieve a passing score.

Topics Covered in This Course

Molecular and Cellular Biology

Chemical composition of organisms
Energy transformations
Cell division
Chemical nature of the gene

Organismal Biology

Structure and function in plants with emphasis on angiosperms
Plant reproduction and development
Structure and function in animals with emphasis on vertebrates
Animal reproduction and development
Principles of heredity

Population Biology

Principles of ecology
Principles of evolution
Principles of behavior
Social biology

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The ancient Greek philosophers developed the concept of the atom, calling it the fundamental particle of matter that could not be broken down. Today we accept that ___________ are substances consisting of one type of atom. However, we also discovered that atoms can be broken down - in nuclear reactions.

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