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Information Systems and Computer Applications

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About the CLEP* Exam

The Information Systems and Computer Applications CLEP exam covers material that would generally be taught in a first-year undergraduate college business information systems course. InstantCert's flashcards for this subject take you from the very basics all the way to more advanced topics such as programming and networking.

Topics Covered in this Course

Information Systems and Office Application Software in Organizations
Standard office suite tools (word processors, spreadsheets, presentation packages, end-user database packages)
Basic user functions of a desktop operating system
Office systems (electronic mail, conferencing, cooperative work environments)
Web browsers
Internet and other online services and methods
Specialized systems
Hardware and Systems Technology
Devices for processing, storage, input and output, telecommunications, and networking
Functions performed by computer, telecommunications, and network hardware
Digital representation of data for storage and processing (numeric, text, images, audio, video)
Concepts of local, wide-area, and enterprise network architectures
Concept of mainframe versus client/server architectures
Operating system and network operating system functions and architectures
Wireless computing/communication devices
Information Systems Software Development
Software development methods and tools
Systems development life cycle concepts
Project management functions and roles
Types of information processing methods (batch, real-time, transaction)
User interface design
Operating system and network operating system functions and architectures
Programming Concepts and Data Management
Programming language syntax and structures (pseudocode)
Programming logic
File types and structures
Web technologies

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