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One of our members passed his American Government CLEP* after only a week of studying It was easy because he only studied questions that were similar to the actual exam. The detailed answers helped him learn from his mistakes. When he got stuck people who had already taken the exam helped him in our online CLEP community.

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Stop wasting time studying an entire textbook for just one exam. But how can you know which topics will be on the exam? We have done the research and put together a study guide that is designed to teach you only the topics you will need to know.

Our format is similar to the official guide, which makes it very easy to use. We were able to make it much more interactive and fun by creating it online. You get detailed answers of why you were right or wrong everytime you respond to a questions. Unlike most study guides this feedback system allows you to learn while you take practice exams.

The instantcert forums are always buzzing with life. This means any of your questions will be answered quickly and by people who have taken multiple CLEP tests. Get inside tips, ask questions, or just chat about life with people who are in a similar situation as you.

When you subscribe to instantcert you will get access to all of our study guides. This has allowed many of our students to study for multiple exams and some have gone as far to write a new exam every few weeks.

Past Students

"I took and passed the American Government CLEP exam after using your website for only a week. Thanks for offering a great no-nonsense product that I’ll definitely recommend to others. "- Jeremy L. Miller,Saint Petersburg, Florida "I signed up for your service and started studying on Thursday morning of this week for the CLEP* Principles of Management course. (That was yesterday.) I took the exam today at Texas Tech and scored in the 97th percentile. I needed a score of 56 to receive credit at my University, and I got a score of 75. Not too shabby! Thanks for the great program."- Glen Fowler, Lubbock, TX "This website is a great resource. It's far better and easier than any other methods I'm looking into (books, and plain tests with no explanations)."- Skip Emerson, Smyrna, GA "I was a member for 1 month and was able to CLEP 3 classes: Introductory Sociology
Ethic in America
Here's to you Health
Unbelievable, but I passed all three. Instantcert is great and it works…I will be telling all my friends.."
-Jim Marx, Omaha, Nebraska

You Receive All These Study Guides With Your Subscription

Subject Exam Type Questions
American GovernmentCLEP*295
College MathematicsCLEP*503
English CompositionCLEP*218
Human Growth and DevelopmentCLEP*336
Information Systems and Computer ApplicationsCLEP*293
Introduction to Educational PsychologyCLEP*371
Introductory Business LawCLEP*451
Introductory PsychologyCLEP*345
Introductory SociologyCLEP*165
Principles of AccountingCLEP*419
Principles of MacroEconomicsCLEP*328
Principles of ManagementCLEP*319
Principles of MarketingCLEP*315
Principles of MicroEconomicsCLEP*229
U.S. History I: Early Colonizations to 1877CLEP*355
U.S. History II: 1865 to the PresentCLEP*520
Western Civilization I: Ancient Near East to 1648CLEP*445
Western Civilization II: 1648 to the PresentCLEP*373
Operations ManagementTECEP297
Abnormal PsychologyECE400
Foundations of GerontologyECE400
Labor RelationsECE400
Nursing Concepts 1ECE347
Psychology of Adulthood and AgingECE399
Research Methods in PsychologyECE401
Social PsychologyECE400
World PopulationECE400
Civil War and ReconstructionDSST318
Criminal JusticeDSST250
Drug and Alcohol AbuseDSST261
Environment and Humanity Race to Save the PlanetDSST326
Ethics in AmericaDSST421
Foundations of EducationDSST309
Fundamentals of CounselingDSST261
General AnthropologyDSST256
Here's to Your HealthDSST344
Human Resource ManagementDSST300
Intro to BusinessDSST266
Intro to Modern Middle EastDSST287
Intro to World ReligionsDSST249
Introduction to ComputingDSST270
Introduction to Law EnforcementDSST288
Management Information SystemsDSST328
Money and BankingDSST273
Organizational BehaviorDSST350
Personal FinanceDSST291
Principles of FinanceDSST315
Principles of StatisticsDSST238
Principles of SupervisionDSST281
Rise and Fall of the Soviet UnionDSST313
Substance AbuseDSST336

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For a limited-time your monthly membership gets you access to all subjects so you can study for multiple CLEP exams for just $20 a month.