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Business Ethics


This course serves as a comprehensive introduction to business ethics with an emphasis on modern issues that organizations face and ethical decision making. The course covers the basics of business ethics and then builds upon this foundation by covering more complex topics such as moral philosophies and values, the corporate culture, developing and managing ethics programs, international issues, and social responsibility.

At a Glance

Course Value: 3 Credit Hours
Course Level: Lower-Level Undergraduate
Course Length: 36 lessons
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Course Outline

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Ch. 1: The Importance of Business Ethics
- 1: Why study business ethics?
- 2: The Development of Business Ethics
- 3: The Benefits of Business Ethics
Ch. 2: Stakeholder Relationships, Social Responsibility, and Corporate Governance
- 4: Stakeholder Relationships
- 5: Social Responsibility and Business Ethics
- 6: Corporate Governance
- 7: Implementing a Stakeholder Perspective
Ch. 3: Emerging Business Ethics Issues
- 8: Recognizing Ethical Issues
- 9: Ethical Issues in Business
- 10: Additional Ethical Issues in Business
- 11: More Ethical Issues in Business
Ch. 4: The Institutionalization of Business Ethics
- 12: Managing Ethical Risk
- 13: Sarbanes-Oxley and Dodd-Frank
- 14: Core or Best Practices
Ch. 5: Ethical Decision Making
- 15: A Framework for Ethical Decision Making in Business
- 16: Normative Considerations in Ethical Decision Making
Ch. 6: Individual Factors: Moral Philosophies and Values
- 17: Moral Philosophies
- 18: More Moral Philosophies
- 19: Applying Moral Philosophy to Ethical Decision Making
Ch. 7: Organizational Factors: The Role of Ethical Culture and Relationships
- 20: The Role of Corporate Culture in Ethical Decision Making
- 21: Leaders Influence Corporate Culture
- 22: Group Dimensions of Corporate Structure and Culture
Ch. 8: Developing an Effective Ethics Program
- 23: Developing an Effective Ethics Program
- 24: A Framework for Developing a Code of Ethics
Ch. 9: Managing and Controlling Ethics Programs
- 25: Ethics Program Implementation
- 26: The Benefits of Ethics Auditing
- 27: The Auditing Process
Ch. 10: Globalization of Ethical Decision Making
- 28: The Globalization of Ethical Decision Making
- 29: Global Cooperation to Support Responsible Business
- 30: Global Ethics Issues
Ch. 11: Ethical Leadership
- 31: Ethical Leadership
- 32: Leadership Styles and Communication
- 33: Leadership Decisions
Ch. 12: Sustainability: Ethical and Social Responsibility Dimensions
- 34: Environmental Issues
- 35: Environmental Regulations and Alternative Energy Sources
- 36: Business Response to Sustainability Issues

Course Requirements

All of our courses are scored on a 1,000 point scale. You must accumulate a total of 700 points in the course to pass the course. Below is the breakdown of how points are allocated:

Study Questions300 points
Graded Exam #1100 points
Midterm Exam200 points
Graded Exam #2100 points
Final Exam300 points

For additional details on the assignments, exams, and retake policies, check the syllabus for this course (link provided near the top of this page).

Exam Proctoring

The Final Exam for this course is administered in conjunction with a 3rd party online proctoring service, PSI Services' RPNow. RPNow proctoring allows you to take the exam on a desktop or laptop computer from anywhere you have internet access at any time, no scheduling required.

Proctoring costs $15 (paid directly to PSI Services at the time of the exam) and is ONLY required for the final exam.

Earning Credit for this Course

This course has been reviewed by ACE Credit and is recommended for 3 lower-level credit hours. Upon successful completion of this course, it will be added to your ACE transcript which is then sent to your school to be evaluated for transfer credit.

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