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Spanish I


This course will expose beginning Spanish students to the Spanish language and culture. The goal is to inspire the student to learn more about the richness of language and culture in the Spanish-speaking world. Students will learn foundational grammar and vocabulary, develop listening skills, and look at some of the culture associated with the language, especially in Latin America.

At a Glance

Course Value: 3 Credit Hours
Course Level: Lower-Level Undergraduate
Course Length: 40 lessons
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Course Outline

Click on a chapter name below to expand and see the lessons contained in that chapter.

Ch. 1: Nouns and Gender
- 1: Noun Gender and Indefinite Articles
- 2: Definite Articles
- 3: Culture: The Kiss Greeting
- 4: Determining Noun Gender
- 5: Gender of Nouns Referring to People
Ch. 2: More on Nouns
- 6: Using a Person's Title
- 7: Pluralizing Nouns
- 8: Pronunciation and Emphasis
- 9: Accent Placement
- 10: Culture: Cognates
- 11: Adjective-Noun Agreement
Ch. 3: Subject Pronouns
- 12: Singular Subject Pronouns
- 13: Culture: Using Usted
- 14: Plural Subject Pronouns
Ch. 4: The Present Indicative
- 15: Intro to Verbs
- 16: Conjugating -ER and -IR Verbs
- 17: Understanding the Present Indicative Tense
Ch. 5: The Verb "Ser"
- 18: Ser o No Ser (To Be or Not to Be)
- 19: Culture: College Life in Latin America
- 20: Saying "And" and Negating Sentences
- 21: Telling Time with Ser
- 22: Telling Time Including Minutes
- 23: Saying at What Time Something Happens
Ch. 6: Using the "Be" Verbs
- 24: Culture: Fútbol
- 25: Estar, the Other "Be" Verb
- 26: Ser vs. Estar
Ch. 7: Talking about Ownership
- 27: Possessive Adjectives
- 28: Whom Does It Belong To?
- 29: Tener, To Have
- 30: Culture: Caracas
Ch. 8: Exceptions to the Rules
- 31: Conjugating -GO and -ZCO Verbs
- 32: Three Irregular Verbs - Dar, Ver, and Saber
- 33: Saber vs. Conocer
- 34: Coming and Going
- 35: Adjective Placement
- 36: Culture: Drinking Mate
Ch. 9: Stem-Changing Verbs
- 37: 'E' to 'IE' Stem-Changing Verbs
- 38: 'E' to 'I' Stem-Changing Verbs
- 39: 'O' to 'UE' Stem-Changing Verbs
- 40: Irregular Verbs with a Stem Change

Course Requirements

All of our courses are scored on a 1,000 point scale. You must accumulate a total of 700 points in the course to pass the course. Below is the breakdown of how points are allocated:

Vocabulary and Grammar Exercises300 points
Graded Exam #1100 points
Graded Exam #2100 points
Graded Exam #3100 points
Final Exam400 points

For additional details on the assignments, exams, and retake policies, check the syllabus for this course (link provided near the top of this page).

Exam Proctoring

The Final Exam for this course is administered in conjunction with a 3rd party online proctoring service, PSI Services' RPNow. RPNow proctoring allows you to take the exam on a desktop or laptop computer from anywhere you have internet access at any time, no scheduling required.

Proctoring costs $15 (paid directly to PSI Services at the time of the exam) and is ONLY required for the final exam.

Earning Credit for this Course

This course has been reviewed by ACE Credit and is recommended for 3 lower-level credit hours. Upon successful completion of this course, it will be added to your ACE transcript which is then sent to your school to be evaluated for transfer credit.

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