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Our proprietary software is designed to mimic the functionality and appearance of the actual DSST software. Studying with InstantCert is the closest thing to going in and taking a real DSST test!

3 Full-length Practice Tests.


Three full-length, timed, practice tests with 95-100 questions each allow you to drill the concepts and test-taking skills you need to ACE your exam. Take and retake these tests until you master the material and Test Day will be a BREEZE!

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Customer Test Results for this Exam

174 users submitted test results since February, 2006.
164 of those users reported a passing score (94%).

Below are ten of the most recent user-submitted test results. These are unfiltered, real results that were submitted by InstantCert students:

Date of ExamResultScore
May 9, 2024passed428
Jun 1, 2023passed466
Jun 3, 2022passed426
Dec 11, 2021passed419
Nov 22, 2021passed424
Nov 1, 2020passed416
Apr 17, 2020passed406
Feb 19, 2020passed448
Oct 19, 2019passed435
Aug 28, 2019failed356
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- 3 Full-Length Practice Tests
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