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About the CLEP* Exam

The College Mathematics CLEP exam covers math generally taught in an undergraduate college math course geared towards nonmath majors or majors in fields that do not require knowledge of advanced math. InstantCert's course for this subject allows you to quickly learn the required math skills by jumping straight into solving problems; the detailed explanations will take you step-by-step through the solutions.

Topics Covered in this Course

Union and intersection
Subsets, disjoint sets, equivalent sets
Venn diagrams
Cartesian product
Conjunctions, disjunctions, implications, and negations
Conditional statements
Necessary and sufficient conditions
Converse, inverse, and contrapositive
Hypotheses, conclusions, and counterexamples
Real Number System
Prime and composite numbers
Odd and even numbers
Factors and divisibility
Rational and irrational numbers
Absolute value and order
Functions and Their Graphs
Properties and graphs of functions
Domain and range
Composition of functions and inverse functions
Simple transformations of functions: translations, reflections, symmetry
Probability and Statistics
Counting problems, including permutations and combinations
Computation of probabilities of simple and compound events
Simple conditional probability
Mean, median, and range
Additional Topics from Algebra and Geometry

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Jan 10, 2024passed53
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Dec 15, 2023passed70
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