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Environmental Science (Environment and Humanity: The Race to Save the Planet)

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About the DSST* Exam

The Environmental Science DSST exam covers the material that would typically be taught in an undergraduate introductory course on environmental science. InstantCert's course for this subject teaches the basics of ecology and then looks at the impact of humans on the environment and how we can minimize that impact.

Topics Covered in this Course

Ecological Concepts
Global ecology
Atmospheric structure
Roles of organisms
Biodiversity and stability
Energy flow
Trophic levels
food chains and food webs
biogeochemical cycling
biomes and productivity
population biology
succession in freshwater and terrestrial communities
Environmental Impacts
Human population growth
Global climate and weather
Greenhouse effect
Ozone layer
Pollution - physical, chemical, and biological aspects
Environmental risk assessment
Agricultural and industrial revolutions
Industrial development of emerging nations
Deforestation and desertification
Environmental Management and Conservation
Renewable and nonrenewable resources
The green revolution
Agricultural practices
Pesticides and pest control
Soil conservation and land use practices
Air pollution control
Drinking water quality and supply
Wastewater treatment
Solid and hazardous waste
Recycling and resource recovery
Industrial ecology
Political Processes and the Future
Environmental laws, policies, and ethics
Planning and decisionmaking
International policy conflicts and agreements
Differing cultural and societal values
Future issues of population, food supply, energy, and pollution

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Jan 12, 2023passed431
Nov 18, 2022passed459
Aug 2, 2022failed364
Jun 1, 2022passed413
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