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General Anthropology

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About the DSST* Exam

The General Anthropology DSST exam covers the material that would typically be taught in an undergraduate college course on general anthropology. InstantCert's course for this subject offers a concise but thorough introduction to the main branches of anthropology and the theories and concepts associated with studying human organization and cultures.

Topics Covered in this Course

Anthropology as a Discipline - Branches and Methodologies
Physical anthropology
Cultural Anthropology
Various Theoretical Perspectives
Cultural ecology
Cultural evolution
Cultural determinism
Physical Anthropology
Genetic principles
Adaptation, natural selection, variations
Living primates
Paleolithic and Mesolithic
Development of civilization and urban societies
Political Organization
Politics, political systems - bands, tribes, chiefdoms, states
Social control - customs, laws, war
Social Organization
Marriage and family patterns
Kinship and descent groups
Groups and associations
Social stratification
Economic Organization
Subsistence and settlement patterns
Formal and substantive approaches
Communal and private ownership of land, material and nonmaterial property
Reciprocity, redistribution, and market exchange
Production , allocation, use, and consumption of goods and services
Nature of Culture
Symbols and symbolic systems
Language, morphology, phonology
Society vs. culture
Cultural variation: universals and alternatives
Real vs. ideal culture
Cultural change - invention, diffusion, innovation
Cultural relativity, ethnocentrism
Etic and emic world views
The individual in culture
The arts
Religious institutions
Beliefs systems, world views
Religious practices and practitioners
Rites of passage
Modernization and Application of Anthropology
Applied anthropology
Cultural survival
Directed cultural change

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Jul 20, 2018passed418
May 16, 2018failed360
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