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About the CLEP* Exam

The Introductory Sociology CLEP exam covers the material that a student would generally learn in a one-semester undergraduate introductory sociology course. This exam is widely considered one of the easier CLEP exams and is a good exam to start with. Despite this reputation, it is important that you do not underestimate it. InstantCert's flashcards, studied thoroughly (i.e. truly understanding the concepts and the explanations presented rather than just memorizing the blanks), will provide you with the knowledge required to walk out of the testing center with a passing score.

Topics Covered in this Course

Social Patterns
Human ecology
Rural/urban patterns
Social Processes
Collective behavior and social movements
Deviance and social control
Groups and organizations
Social change
Social interaction
Social Stratification (Process and Structure)
Power and social inequality
Professions and occupations
Race and ethnic relations
Sex and gender roles
Social class
Social mobility
The Sociological Perspective
History of sociology
Sociological theory

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Jan 18, 2020passed63
Jan 15, 2020passed55
Jan 11, 2020passed55
Jan 11, 2020failed42
Jan 9, 2020passed68
Dec 17, 2019passed59
Dec 14, 2019passed53
Dec 12, 2019failed49
Dec 10, 2019passed63
Dec 5, 2019passed56
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