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About the CLEP* Exam

The Precalculus CLEP exam covers math generally taught in an undergraduate Precalculus course as part of the general education credits requirement. It is a comprehensive review of the material necessary to succeed in future math courses. InstantCert's course for this subject allows you to quickly learn the required math skills by jumping straight into solving problems; the detailed explanations will take you step-by-step through the solutions.

Topics Covered in this Course

Algebraic Expressions, Equations, and Inequalities
Ability to perform operations on algebraic expressions
Ability to solve equations and inequalities, including linear, quadratic, absolute value, polynomial, rational, radical, exponential, logarithmic, and trigonometric
Ability to solve systems of equations, including linear and nonlinear
Functions: Concept, Properties, and Operations
Ability to demonstrate an understanding of the concept of a function, the general properties of functions (e.g., domain, range), function notation, and to perform symbolic operations with functions (e.g., evaluation, inverse functions)
Representations of Functions: Symbolic, Graphical, and Tabular
Ability to recognize and perform operations and transformations on functions presented symbolically, graphically, or in tabular form
Ability to demonstrate an understanding of basic properties of functions and to recognize elementary functions (linear, quadratic, absolute value, square root, polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric, inverse trigonometric, and piecewise-defined functions) that are presented symbolically, graphically, or in tabular form
Analytic Geometry
Ability to demonstrate an understanding of the analytic geometry of lines, circles, parabolas, ellipses, and hyperbolas
Trigonometry and its Applications
Ability to demonstrate an understanding of the basic trigonometric functions and their inverses and to apply the basic trigonometric ratios and identities (in right triangles and on the unit circle)
Ability to apply trigonometry in various problem-solving contexts
Functions as Models
Ability to interpret and construct functions as models and to translate ideas among symbolic, graphical, tabular, and verbal representations of functions

Customer Test Results for this Exam

43 users submitted test results since March, 2009.
40 of those users reported a passing score (93%).

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Mar 24, 2021passed72
Feb 23, 2021passed57
Feb 23, 2020passed75
Nov 5, 2019passed70
Aug 14, 2019passed54
Jun 19, 2019passed77
Apr 24, 2019passed71
Feb 1, 2019passed67
Oct 2, 2018failed45
Jul 10, 2018passed58
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