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Principles of Microeconomics

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About the CLEP* Exam

The Principles of Microeconomics CLEP exam is designed to test the student on material that is covered in a typical first-year undergraduate Microeconomics course. Just like our course for Macroeconomics, our course on Microeconomics makes a potentially difficult subject easy, using lots of graphs to help you to visualize relationships between economic variables and gain a deeper understanding of economic principles and theory.

Topics Covered in this Course

Basic Economic Concepts
Scarcity, choice, and opportunity costs
Production possibilities curve
Comparative advantage, specialization, and trade
Marginal analysis
The Nature and Functions of Product Markets
Supply and demand
Theory of consumer choice
Production and costs
Firm behavior and market structure
Factor Markets
Marginal revenue product
Labor market and firms' hiring of labor
Market distribution of income
Market Failure and the Role of Government
Public goods
Public policy to promote competition
Income distribution

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