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Principles of Statistics

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About the DSST* Exam

The Principles of Statistics DSST exam is designed to test the student on the skills and knowledge typically taught in an undergraduate introductory course on statistics. InstantCert's course for this subject teaches you the terminology and concepts as well as the math and calculation skills required to solve common statistics problems.

Topics Covered in this Course

Foundations of Statistics
Data types and levels of measurement, sample vs. population, and distribution
Sampling methods
Descriptive statistics
Visual representation of data
Basic concepts
Probability rules for dependent and independent events
Combinations and permutations
Discrete distributions
Continuous distributions
Correlation and Regression
Scatter plots
Linear correlation
Linear regression
Prediction using the linear mode
Sampling Distributions
Basic understanding of standard scores such as Z and T scores
The law of averages, expected values, standard error, normal approximation, sample size, and sample average
Central Limit Theorem
Inferential Statistics
Confidence intervals
Null and alternate hypothesis and confidence level
Type I and Type II errors and levels of significance
Inference for the mean or the proportion of a population
Comparing two sample means and proportions

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