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The Civil War and Reconstruction

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About the DSST* Exam

The Civil War and Reconstruction DSST exam is designed to test the student on the knowledge one would generally have after completing an undergraduate upper-level course on the Civil War. InstantCert's course for this subject looks at the causes of the war, the war itself, and finally, the aftermath of the war and Reconstruction.

Topics Covered in this Course

Political situation - North and South
Army of Potomac under McClellan
War in the West
War in the East
Major battles
Emancipation Proclamation
Fort Sumter
Union Army v. Confederate Army
First Manassas (Bull Run)
Role of women in the war
Black Americans and the war
Political situation
Major battles
1864 to May 1865
Political situation
War in the West
War in the East
Sherman's continued march through the South
Fall of Richmond
Lee's surrender
Assassination of Lincoln
End of the Confederacy
Cost of the War
Presidential reconstruction plans
Congressional reconstruction plans
Reconstruction in the South
End of Reconstruction
Causes of the War
United States society in the mid-nineteenth century
Growing differences between the North and South
Slavery as a Southern institution
Abolition movement
Westward expansion of Free and Slave territory
John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry
Political situation in 1860

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