Earning Transfer Credit at

Thomas Edison State University

Thomas Edison State University is a public university in Trenton, New Jersey. Since being established in 1972, TESU has become famous for its quality degree programs that cater to working adults.


Transferring Credits to Thomas Edison State University

TESU has a highly generous transfer credit policy, allowing students to transfer in up to 90 (out of 120) credit hours towards a bachelor's degree. ACE-reviewed credit sources such as AP/CLEP/DSST exams and self-paced online courses are readily accepted at TESU and can be used to fulfill major requirements towards your degree.

How InstantCert's Courses Transfer In

While InstantCert no longer offers our own self-paced courses, we continue to offer prep materials for CLEP and DSST exams which are readily applied towards a degree at Thomas Edison State University.

For more information on using CLEP and DSST at Thomas Edison State University, check out our article, "TESU CLEP Acceptance - Which Exams to Take and How to Prep".

Using Third-Party Online Courses at TESU

Thomas Edison State University accepts a wide variety of online, self-paced courses that carry a credit recommendation from ACE. For more information on the different course providers (such as Study.com, Saylor.org, and others) and how to use them at TESU, check out our discussion forum at https://www.degreeforum.net.

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