When you're ready to make every minute of study time count, you're ready for InstantCert. InstantCert gives you everything you need to prepare for your exams in one place; it makes test prep easy.
When you're ready to more effectively prepare for your CLEP* exams, InstantCert is your one-stop solution.

Regardless of your background knowledge of the subject, your test-taking skills, or the difficulty of the particular exam you're studying for, InstantCert gives you as much–or as little–as you need to pass the exam.

InstantCert offers several main resources to help you prepare for your CLEP* exams:

The study flashcards are all most students need. They teach you everything you need to know to achieve a passing score. With our flashcards, you'll be spoon fed only the main points, and the fill-in-the-blank format keeps your mind engaged and processing the information. It's a very quick and efficient way to learn the fundamentals of the subject and go from zero knowledge to exam-ready in a matter of days.

For students that want to do more thorough preparation for the exam, we offer the discussion forum. On the forum, you'll get exclusive access to several years worth of posts from members who've taken these exams and share exam-specific information–detailing what they used to prepare, what topics to focus your studies on, and their personal suggestions to help you to duplicate their success.

Beyond the test preparation materials, InstantCert offers you something that no other test prep provider can. When you join InstantCert, you're joining a community of test takers; you're instantly connected with thousands of other students like you who are pursuing college credit through examination. Every time you log in to InstantCert, you'll see the dozens of other students that are logged in and studying at the same time as you, and through the forum and our private messaging system, you will be able to interact with them and benefit from their experience.

Finally, no other test prep provider is going to give you access to the kind of unfiltered, honest customer evaluation of their own product like InstantCert offers of our flashcards. Nothing is more confidence inspiring than logging into the Members' Area and seeing the steady stream of real-time test results being posted by members as they take their exams. These are uncensored, real-life results posted by people just like you who are going in and taking these exams–pass or fail, their results are there for you to see.

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