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A Community of Thousands of Test-Takers Like Yourself

InstantCert's discussion forum is the only place on the Internet where you'll find access to thousands of students who are currently earning college credit by taking CLEP, Dantes, Excelsior and other exams. With nearly 100,000 posts made over the last several years, the forum is the biggest collection of information either online or offline related to credit by examination. The forum is broken up into three primary sections:

  1. General Education Discussion - This is where the majority of the activity occurs, where forum members discuss everything education and testing related. Here you will find open discussion about the best way to prepare for an exam, which exams are easiest, whether brick-and-mortar schools are superior to online universities, and thousands of other topics.

  2. Discussion Related to the Big Three - The Big Three refers to three of the most widely known accredited online colleges where a degree can be earned entirely by examination– Excelsior College, Thomas Edison State College and Charter Oak State College. Many forum members are enrolled in one of these three institutions or are considering it. Here you will find discussion about degree plans, how best to fulfill degree requirements, how employers react to a resume that has an online degree on it, and much more.

  3. Specific Exam Feedback - This area is limited to posts from members who've taken an exam and want to share their score and advice for others who are preparing for the same exam.

The forum isn't just a source of information. It's a real community of people who encourage, motivate and inspire each other!

What is our Specific Exam Feedback Area?

The Specific Exam Feedback Area is an area of the forum available exclusively to paying members of InstantCert. This is where all of the best exam feedback posted by members is archived and organized for your reference. This area is strictly moderated so that it contains nothing but highly relevant test information. Here, members share:

  1. Test Results - i.e. what score they received and how difficult they would rate the exam to be

  2. What Exam Prep Resources They Used - If they used something in addition to or in place of InstantCert's flashcards, they let you know what they used, their opinion of those other resources, and what they thought of InstantCert's flashcards.

  3. What Topics to Focus Your Studies On - It can be very helpful to know where to focus your efforts, especially when you're dealing with a particularly broad or difficult subject.

  4. Other Advice - Based on their experience studying for and taking the exam, members often offer critical advice on how to avoid mistakes that they made or general tips on how to do well.

Every day, members contribute new testing experiences and insight into the exams.

InstantCert's flashcards teach you everything you need to pass your exam, but the Specific Feedback Area can help you to achieve a higher score and improve the quality of your studying time. It isn't limited to the exams we offer flashcards for; the 2,500+ posts you'll find there cover basically all of the CLEP and Dantes exams, many of the Excelsior exams, and even some of the GRE exams.

Between the discussion forum and InstantCert's flashcards, many members have said that it's practically impossible to fail your exam. Click here to try out a 30-Day Risk Free Trial and get instant access!
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