InstantCert Works!

Below is just a fraction of the hundreds of testimonials we've received from satisfied customers over the years. Remember–these are limited to people that actually took the time to write in and express their enthusiasm for our product.

In the Members' Area itself, you'll be able to see thousands of unfiltered test results reported directly by users, with members adding fresh new results every day as they take their tests. These test results are there for you to seewhether they be pass or failbut you'll notice that nearly all of the scores reported (an average of 97%) indicate passing their test!

I was a member for 1 month and was able to CLEP 3 classes:
Introductory Sociology
Ethic in America
Here's to you Health

Unbelievable, but I passed all three.

Instantcert is great and it works! I will be telling all my friends.

Jim Marx
Omaha, Nebraska

I just wanted to say thanks for providing an excellent service for those who want to speed up the degree completion process. Your website helped me pass the Sociology and College Mathematics exam and I am actually graduating tomorrow!

Jason Strickland
Fairfax, VA

I'm justing emailing you to let you know that I just got a 59 (passing score) on Microeconomics in this morning. I only used your site. Why didn't somebody tell me about these Clep exams when I was young? I'm really excited and I usually don't get excited about anything anymore.There is a Bachelors degree in my near future and hopefully a better job.
Frank O
Miami, Florida

I would just like to say that your site has just helped me pass a Humanities Clep exam. Before I had found the site I was studying other sites and did not comprehend or learn as much as I did from yours. I can absolutely say that your site gave me the tools to pass this exam, without question. I will recommend it to everyone I know who is thinking about taking the CLEP/or Dantes for credit.
Thank you.

Barbara Pelati
Braintree, Massachusetts

I just wanted to let everyone know that the service that you offer is fantastic! I had been told about the CLEP test years ago, but I was always apprehensive about trying them. I had heard horror stories about not having adequate resources to prepare, and just hoping to pass. Well, I needed two classes to graduate and I didn't have time to take the classes and still graduate on time. So, I decided to give the CLEP tests a try. I found your site on the net and read feedback on your service from other sites I had found. All the feedback I read was great, so I decided to give InstantCert a try. I studied the InstantCert flashcards and followed the suggestions on your site, and I passed both test with flying colors! I just wanted to say Thank You, and keep up the great work!

Philip E. Phillips
Greer, South Carolina

I wanted to write a note to let you know how invaluable your site is. I needed 21 credits to receive my degree. I was able to take and pass all 7 of the CLEP/Dantes test without failing any. It saved me a lot of time and money.

I referred a friend who needed 18 credits and had previously failed 2 CLEP tests. After using your site to study she was able to complete all 6 tests in less than 3 months.

Thank you so much!

Vickie Willis
Greenville, South Carolina

I just wanted to say thanks again for the ability to use your site. I have taken my last test and if I passed, I won't need access to your site anymore but wanted you to know that this site is a lifesaver!! I don't believe I could have taken and passed as many tests as I did without the help of these study guides! I printed the fliers and gave them to my advisor at school to hand out to other prospective testers.

Micki Antoine
West Fargo, North Dakota

I took the Principles of Management Clep test this morning at 10:30 am using only the Instantcert study materials and passed with a 66 score on the exam. I took the test exactly after one month of studying using Instanctcert's online study guide. I just wanted to thank you for the great service Instantcert is providing to busy parents like myself. With two kids aged 5 and 1, I have my hands full and it is a miracle that I passed.

I just wanted to let you know that Instantcert ROCKS. If someone like me who is working full time as a software QA Engineer with two kids can pass the tests anyone can and believe me I don't have enough hours during the day (or night) to study. Just pass this on to people who may be having second thought about completing college, it can be done.


Kamran Quraishi
Belle Mead, New Jersey

I wanted to drop you a quick note, and let you know that I used InstantCert training to prepare for a number of CLEP and Dantes exams. I completed my last test on February 11th, and am now done with my undergraduate degree. To date, that means I sat for, and passed, seven exams using your preparation materials.

InstantCert was much more valuable to me than the very low monthly cost. Even though I was a member for more than a year, my costs still were lower than if I had taken even one class in person during that time. Amazing!

I just wanted to say "Thanks" for all your hard work, and helping me get through my program.


David Ruthstrom
Elizabeth, Colorado

Well I did what you and your site said for the US History II test, and.....I passed!

The information on your site took me from knowing little about the concepts layed out in the test to being able to take it and pass in exactly one week, you'll note I subscribed to your site a week ago today.

Thanks again for your site, I'll recommend to people like myself who are crunched for time before graduation. I am going to start studying away on your site now for the Intro to Psych test, hopefully meeting similar results.

Zach Stohr
Fairbanks, Alaska

I took and passed the American Government CLEP exam after using your website for only a week. Thanks for offering a great no-nonsense product that I'll definitely recommend to others.


Jeremy L. Miller
Saint Petersburg, Florida

Instantcert works!

So far I have completed 4 CLEPs: History I,II, American Government and Intro Philosophy. I have another 4 to go. The study method works!

The plan is to complete everything by March for admission in a Bachelor's program. Instancert has made this possible.


Jesse Ball
Portland, Oregon

I just wanted to share with you all the success I've had with the help of your site. I passed the Western Civilization II CLEP with a 67, the Introduction to Sociology with a 77, and the Biology CLEP with a 65. For $240 for the year, I saved thousands of dollars and hours of time attending classes.

I'm starting my Master's this semester, so I don't need any more CLEP. I recommend the site to anyone I know who needs some extra credit.

Keep up the great work - it really works!!

Pamela Riley
Fort Worth, TX

I enjoyed using your program. I passed the Humanities, US History 2 and Intro to Computers using Instantcert. I wish I would have know about this sooner.

Tiffany Tousant
Colorado Springs, Colorad

I wanted to share my success with the InstantCert WebSite over the past six months. I just cancelled my subscription after six months of use and have 21 college credits to brag about using your site as my main resource. This site was very useful and is a great tool for any student that needs to accomplish their goals in a very short time frame.

Thanks again for providing such a great resource.

Mel Bailey
Glen Allen, Virginia

I am canceling my membership today as I have successfully completed all of my CLEP & DSST testing activities. I passed every test (7 ea) and received 21 semester hours of credit during the year that I have been a member.


William G. Wright
Falls Church, Virginia

I just wanted to write and thank you for your website. I went in and took my very first CLEP test this past Saturday, October 22, 2005. I took Introduction to Psychology and passed the test!! I was so excited. Two other people were in the testing center with me and they didn't pass. I firmly believe that I passed because of your questions that I studied beforehand. AYour website is an outstanding service and value. Thanks so much!!

Elizabeth A. Pereda
Washington, DC

I found your site on a Google search, hoping there was some good stuff out there as I tried to find faster ways to finish my BS and take care of prereqs for a Master's program. I used your site to study for the MicroEconomics CLEP and passed with good margin. It's a great resource, and I've recommended it to several of my classmates who are (like me) working professionals trying to finish their degrees.

You should add a category to your 'reasons why I'm canceling' drop-down menu: 'I studied, I passed, and don't need to worry about it any more!'


Tom Farnsworth
Beaverton, Oregon

Just wanted to let you know that I subscribed to and used the site to study for 3 DSST exams that I took within a 30-day timespan. I didn't have time to read the books closely, but with the help of I scored high enough to receive credit for each exam!

It would have cost me $555 to take those classes at a community college and $3540 to take them at the university I'm attending; so the membership has been well worth it.

I'm going to continue subscribing until I have my degree in hand. Too many friends have thought they were going to graduate, only to be told that they are a few credits short. If this happens, I know will help me score high enough to get any remaining credits quickly and easily!


Kimberly Ratliff
Ottawa University
Phoenix, AZ

I just cancelled my membership and wanted you to know why. (My reason was not listed as one of the choices.) I have taken 5 tests and passed them all! I will be graduating in November and I have all of the credits that I need!!

Thanks for providing this service. I appreciate all of the help I received from Instantcert and I tell every college student I know about your service.

Thanks again,

Cindy Cole
Franklin, Tennessee

I used Instantcert to study for two clep tests this summer. I studied only with Instantcert - no test guide books and I did not use the Clep website.

I took both the Human Growth and Development (3 credits) and the Psychology of Education (5 credits) tests.

I took the tests at George Fox University, which requires higher scores than the national standard to be considered a passing score. I passed both tests on the first try.

Thank you for a great service. My son and his girlfriend plan to use it next year.

Deb Nystrom

I just took my first CLEP test, Principles of Management, and passed with flying colors. In fact, upon completion, the administrator said "Holy cow, I've never seen a score that high"! The material on your site is the reason why I did so well. Thank You! I am an adult student who returned to school to get my degree after 25 years. I plan to test out of all of the electives that I can using CLEP and your site!
Cindy Dahl
Louisville, Kentucky

I didn't have the time, money or patience at 59 years of age for the classroom grind. Instead, I found your website. Now, one month later I have passed principles of Management, Sociology, and U.S. History Prior to 1874 and am about to CLEP test this week for marketing. That's all in three weeks time!!

The only tool for studying I have used is InstantCert! It works and I am thankful it does!!

Now all I have to do is find a college to graduate from because you all have pretty well filled out my missing credits!


Ron Bowman
Whitney, Texas

EXCELLENT!!! I had completed all my courses, but then the school notified me that I was three Humanities credits shy from completing my Bachelors program. I studied a CLEP exam book, bought at a local bookstore and took the CLEP exam, to only fail by "1". This wasn't going well... Once the school and I came to an agreement on other exams that would help me obtain the desperately needed credits, I began searching for study material. I came across the website frequently and decided it was worth the try.

And, it was!!!

The structure and organization of the material was great as it helped me absorb the information rather than just memorize it. I also noticed how the information was being updated as I studied, which was excellent because the study material was definitely on point with the exam. Needless to say, I passed my Dantes exam with flying colors and now have all my credits for completion of my Bachelors program!!!

Thank you for such a great site with a wealth of information. I've passed my praises of your site along to some friends and wish you continued success!!

Finally Finished

Crystal McClide
Bowie, Maryland

Just wanted to let you know that I passed the humanities and western civilization I CLEP exams. Your service was an invaluable tool in accomplishing that goal. You were my primary study source for both of these exams. Although I did consult textbooks for both of the exams, the information provided on your website was more than sufficient to insure a passing grade. I breezed through both exams with relative ease. I would definitely recommend your service to anyone contemplating sitting for the CLEP exams. Thanks to you I have completed all of my remaining degree requirements and will be graduating with my BS I do have one suggestion that might be helpful for the western civ. I exam.

Thanks ever so much,

Bill McMahon
Kelton, Pennsylvania

I originally signed up for the Accounting CLEP because I have been doing accounting for 27 years and thought there would not be any problems with the exam. I'm glad I subscribed to your site. There was so much material that I had not been in contact with, and I am glad to say utilizing your site I passed and received the credit. I am currently utilizing your site to continue with other CLEP exams.

Thanks again.

Leisa Howell
De Soto, Georgia

I just wanted to drop a line and thank you for your great service. I would not have agressively pursued my degree were it not for the presence of a $20/mo practice testing service.

Since February, including tomorrow's DANTES Civil War test I will take:

7 CLEP exams
4 DANTES exams

39 semester credits, including 2 upper division classes and all general ed electives except for Eng Comp and Speech.

Thanks again for your assistance.

Travis Holland
Ferndale, Washington

This study program was extremely successful for me. I study the material for approximately 8 hours two days before the exam and passed in the 80 percentile range. I am usually a C average student. Taking the CLEP saved me a lot of money since I am doing my classes online through Regis University. The cost of one class can cost up to 1000.00 dollars so paying the 55.00 dollars for the exam, 25.00 proctor fee, and the 19.95 for the study material saved me about 900.00. I really hope others take advantage of this service. I took the principles of management, never have taken a class in management before, and I am a nurse, and passed because of this service.

Helene Christner
Sterling, Colorado

I just wanted to write a short thank you! I have been a member since early 2005, I have taken four CLEP exams and passed all four above the ACE score requirements. Information Systems and Computer Applications, American Government, U.S. History II and Principles of Marketing

I believe that Instantcert provides a valuable service and just wanted to pass on the kudos.

Thank you for saving me time and money!


Jason Willis
Pensacola, Florida

I want to thank you for your website. It was very informative and helped me to pass my human growth and development clep exam. I tried reading the 550 page book, but it was boring, and frankly I just didn't have the time. After 6 days of practicing the questions from the website, I took the exam and passed with a very good grade.

Thank you

Theresa Ross-Gordon
ST. Xavier University, Chicago

Thanks to this incredible website and study tool, I have passed all 8 of the Clep/Dante Exams. I am happy to say that I graduated in June.I would not have been able to do it without the help of your website! Thank you again. I would like to go ahead and cancel my subscription as I won't need to study anymore for quite some time! Thank you again! Please let me know if you need any additional information from me

Thank you,

Maureen Ciliberto-Thompson
Malvern, Pennsylvania

Just wanted to say that I think InstantCert is a great program! I successfully passed 8 CLEP test using InstantCert, with an average score of 63. It saved me a bundle on book costs & tuition fees for my elective classes.

I've recommended you to several people, but most don't seem to have the discipline to study on their own. Oh well, their loss!

Again, great program! Keep up the good work!

Mike Gilbert
Shreveport, LA

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