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UMGC CLEP* Acceptance - Which Exams to Take and How to Prep

CLEP* exams are one of the best ways to save time and money on a degree at University of Maryland Global Campus. That is because they accept ALL 34 of the CLEP exams and require the minimum weighted score of 50 recommended by ACE.

CLEP Equivalency Chart

The below table shows the list of CLEP exams, the course they are equivalent to at UMGC, and the minimum passing score (out of a max score of 80). Be sure to check with an adviser at UMGC before taking any of the following exams as degree requirements are often changing.

Note that InstantCert offers study guides for most of these subjects; clicking on the subject title will take you to more information about our test prep.

CLEP Exam TitleCreditsTransfers In As
American Government3 LLGVPT 170
American Literature3 LLENGL 221
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature3 LLLiterature elective
Biology6 LL(3 Credits, BIOL 101) + 3 s.h. BIOL (not lab. science)
Calculus4 LLMATH 140
Chemistry6 LLCHEM 103 and CHEM 113
College Algebra3 LLMATH 107
College Composition6 LLSecond written communications general education requirement and 3 LL elective credits
College Composition Modular3 LLSecond written communications general education requirement
College Mathematics6 LLMATH 106 and Elective (3 credits)
English Literature3 LLENGL 211
Financial Accounting3 LLACCT 220
History of the United States I: Early Colonization to 18773 LLHIST 156
History of the United States II: 1865 to the Present3 LLHIST 157
Human Growth and Development3 LLPSYC 351
Humanities3 LLHUMN 100
Information Systems3 LLIFSM 201
Introduction to Educational Psychology3 LLPSYC 442
Introductory Business Law3 LLBMGT 380
Introductory Psychology3 LLPSYC 100
Introductory Sociology3 LLSOCY 100
Natural Sciences6 LL(3 Credits, NSCI 100) and (3 Credits, BIOL 101)
Precalculus3 LLMATH 115
Principles of Macroeconomics3 LLECON 201
Principles of Management3 LLBMGT 364
Principles of Marketing3 LLMRKT 310
Principles of Microeconomics3 LLECON 203
Social Sciences and History6 LLGVPT Elective (3 credits) and HIST Elective (3 credits)
Western Civilization I: Ancient Near East to 16483 LLHIST 141
Western Civilization II: 1648 to the Present3 LLHIST 142

Where to take the CLEP exam

CLEP exams can be taken in person at a college testing center or they can also be taken online. To find a test center near you, check out the official CollegeBoard Test Center Search tool.

For more information about taking the exam at home or anywhere else you have access to the Internet, see our article on How to Take Your CLEP Exam Online.

How to Prep for your CLEP exam

If you already have a lot of background knowledge in a subject, you may decide to try taking a CLEP test without studying. However, feedback from our students has shown that even in those cases, just a little bit of specialized studying for the exam can dramatically increase your chances of getting a PASS on your first attempt.

If you are looking for a quick and effective way to learn just enough to pass the exam, InstantCert's flashcards are a very popular option. Click on any of the test titles in the table above to see more details on our CLEP prep materials for that subject.

Or for more information on how our flashcards work, check out our article, "How InstantCert's Study Guides Can Help You Pass Your CLEP and DSST Exams."

Other Exams Like CLEP

CLEP is the most popular of the examination programs for "testing out" of credit, but there are two other exam programs that are extremely valuable for earning credit at UMGC: DSST exams and UExcel exams.

The advantage of DSST and UExcel exams are that they offer other subjects that are not offered by CLEP, and more importantly, they include UPPER-level exams, i.e. 300 or 400-level classes you can get credit for.

For more information, check out UMGC's page for DSST: Earn Credit at UMGC through the DSST program.

InstantCert also offers prep materials for most DSST and UExcel exams. For a complete list of our study guides, check: Our DSST Study Guides

InstantCREDIT Courses for Credit at UMGC

A lesser-known option for quick and affordable credit at University of Maryland Global Campus is our InstantCREDIT courses. These are self-paced courses that you take on our website. These are a great option if you do not have a testing center nearby or do not like the CLEP or DSST format, where everything rides on one test.

To see how InstantCREDIT courses are accepted at UMGC, check out our article on "Earning Transfer Credit at University of Maryland Global Campus".

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